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Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Ambrosia (also known as Brosh) and I’m a 27-year-old Chicagoan navigating my way through a land of deep dish pizza, food festivals, and office happy hours toward a healthy number on the scale.

I grew up in the good old Hoosier state. After graduating from the University of Southern Indiana, I worked as an English teacher in China and the Republic of Georgia. While living in China, I joined Weight Watchers and began running using the C25k app. I lost over 100 pounds in less than one year on the program and gained the ability to run for over an hour without pausing.

I moved to Chicago in July of 2017 and within a year I’d gained back around 50 of the pounds that I’d lost while utilizing Weight Watchers and C25k in China. There are a numbers of factors that contributed to my falling off of the wagon, but the bottom line being: I wasn’t trying my best anymore.

I’ve been overweight since the age of three. I was over 200 pounds by the age of 11, and over 300 pounds at age 15. My highest weight on the scale topped 331 pounds. I never made it back up to my highest weight, but if I didn’t get back on plan, eventually it would’ve happened. After months of reflecting on the person I wanted to be and where I wanted my life to go, I started doing Weight Watchers again in spring 2018. I’ve rediscovered myself in the program and I’m trying to find the balance between living my fullest life as a Chicagoan and finding success in a healthy lifestyle.

I started this blog for two reasons:  1.) I wanted to document my journey because there are thousands of fitness social media pages, but the people running those pages tend to be at their goal weight and use their sites as a reference to their lives after losing weight. As someone who has been severely overweight for the majority of my life, I know there’s an entire demographic that doesn’t have a role model on social media in which their current selves can relate. Spending the duration of one’s life as overweight then deciding to lose weight is very difficult because a lot of people don’t know where to start, and it’s a process that involves rewiring the brain after a lifetime of bad habits. I want them to see what it’s like to walk the road to a healthier life so they know they can do it too. 2.) I also wanted to show people from my home state there’s more to Chicago than Millennium Park, Giordano’s, and Navy Pier. I’ve noticed when people come to visit they tend to frequent the same five places, and there’s so much more to this city than people realize; therefore, I’ll be including content from my adventures around town as well!

You may come across some good recipes or your next idea for a weekend in the Windy City, so whether you’re a friend, relative, fellow Weight Watcher, or randomly stumbled upon here, feel free to tag along!

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