Hocus Pocus Halloween Edition Trivia Night

On Wednesday evening, Chicago’s D.S. Tequila Company held their weekly trivia night. This week’s theme: Hocus Pocus Halloween Edition Team Trivia.

I’m going to be completely honest, as soon as I saw this event circulating on social media in early October, I knew I was born to win Hocus Pocus Trivia Night. The movie premiered in July 1993, and I was two years old back then, so I cannot recall when I first watched the film; but I’ve easily watched it over 500 times throughout the past 25 years. It plays on Freeform throughout the entire month of October; I have it purchased on my phone through iTunes from when I lived overseas so I’d be able to watch it on Halloween; and I own the DVD. I watch the movie all year round because it is my favorite film of all time, and when my sisters and I watch it together, we annoyingly quote the entire movie. Hocus Pocus Trivia Night was and is my Rocky.

I mentioned the event to a few friends and there were eight of us total in our group. Not everyone was Hocus Pocus trivia savvy, but D.S. Tequila Company is known for their delicious drinks and that made attending even more worthwhile for those who weren’t going to answer questions.

I always joke that bar trivia in Chicago is a lifestyle; but really though – it is. Anytime I have brought a friend to trivia for their first time, they are always mind blown at how intense it is. I’ve been to several trivia nights, some with themes and others not, and the depth that the questions go to is so deep, you have to prepare at least a little if you expect to win. Some people resort to cheating by sneaking a peak at the search engine on their phone during the event, but I’d rather win the honest way – pure knowledge. A couple of us in the group spent the entire week preparing for trivia night because we really wanted to win! We searched “Hocus Pocus trivia” on Google, took quizzes online, rewatched the movie several times, and watched interviews with the cast. There was a bonus round about the 1990 movie The Witches, so I rewatched parts of the film on YouTube and took some quizzes about that as well. We came to play and to win, so that was just what we prepared to do.

The top prize was $100.00 cash and there were gift card prizes for second and third place as well. The incentives didn’t phase me – I just wanted to win. We registered our team under the name Sarah’s Lucky Rat Tails. There were four rounds of 12 questions, and a bonus round with 10 questions. The questions included:

  • What color was the smoke coming from the chimney at the beginning of the film?
    • answer: pinkish/purple
  • What was the first line Dani said to Ice?
    • answer: “Drop dead, moron.
  • What was the name of the cemetery in the film?
    • answer: Old Burial Hill
  • How many times does Winifred zap Thackery Binx with her magic?
    • answer: three
  • What is the name of the actress who plays Dani?
    • answer: Thora Birch
  • What color are Winifred’s socks in the film?
    • answer: green and black stripes
  • What does the dad say as they exit the town hall at the end of the film?
    • answer: “And I thought LA was a party town.

We didn’t miss any questions during the regular rounds, and on the bonus round about The Witches, we missed two questions. Our team took first place and won the $100.00 prize. Twenty-five years of watching Hocus Pocus nonstop has finally paid off!

Team “Sarah’s Lucky Rat Tails”

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