Halloween in Chicago

I’ve always enjoyed the seasons of holidays more than the actual holidays themselves. The 24 hours of a holiday fly by all too quickly, and I’m left feeling a little sad when it’s all over. The weeks leading up to Halloween is one of my favorite times of year because the trees are beautiful, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, scary movies are on TV, decorations are everywhere, and there’s a touch of magic in the air. Now that Halloween has come and gone, Chicago will quickly transform for a new holiday; but those sunny October days with the warm colored leaves and a spritz of mischief hovering within the atmosphere won’t be forgotten.

Halloween in Chicago has the magical feeling that my childhood Halloween’s had. So many people decorate and the outdoor decor is so over-the-top on numerous houses, it’s a fun and exciting time for everyone. I grew up in Northwest Indiana, and with each passing year it seemed as though fewer and fewer people decorated for Halloween. It was sad because it seemed that as I grew out of my youth, the little touches of magic that came with it started to disappear too. In Chicago, however, people thrive on showing off their imaginative sides and I love that about this city.

I attended two themed trivia nights dedicated to Hocus Pocus at two different bars during October, and my team won first place at both events. One hundred dollar prizes were given at both trivia nights, and it was fun because I never thought watching the movie Hocus Pocus over 500 times in my life would ever come in handy. Yet, it did.

My office building put on a pumpkin painting contest and they supplied pumpkins, paint, and invited everyone up to the 11th floor observation lounge for some late morning decorating. They still haven’t announced the winner of the contest, and it took place two weeks ago; but my pumpkin served as an adorable desk ornament for Halloween.

The department I work for also had a Halloween decoration contest. They supplied miniature pumpkins and employees took them home to decorate. There were three categories: best overall, scariest, and best theme. I won scariest and I was really happy with that because I was even a little scared of having my pumpkin sitting in my apartment staring at me as I waited to bring it in for the competition on Halloween. I don’t typically praise myself on how my works turn out, but Pennywise the pumpkin turned out really freaky!

October was a month of parties, scary movie marathons, crisp apple cider, Sunday morning farmer’s market trips, and every warm color imaginable. I love this time of year, and if only every month could feel so magical – I wouldn’t mind.

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