Five on Friday

1. Turkey Trot 5K
I had to work on Thursday morning, so I couldn’t run the Valparaiso Turkey Trot 5K like I have in past years. On Wednesday after work, I ran a Turkey Trot 5K at my gym. A lot of gyms in Chicago put on indoor Turkey Trot races around Thanksgiving, and I made up my own this year because I still wanted to participate even though I had to work. I haven’t run 3.10 miles consecutively since last year and when I got to the first half mile, I wanted to stop. I was tired, but I kept going anyway. I thought to myself, don’t let yourself stop. Keep moving your legs and eventually you’ll have moved your legs a 5K’s worth. That’s what I did, and I finished the 5K. I was so proud of myself and now I feel like I’m officially back as a participant in the world of racing.

2. Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving was at my Grandfather’s house this year. The food was delicious. My favorite foods at dinner are always the mashed potato casserole, sweet potato bake, and the cranberry sauce (the jellied kind from the can – none of that high quality stuff!) Thanksgiving could be just those three foods and I would be okay with that. I didn’t take any leftovers because Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t cause a gain on the scale, but turning that type of meal plan into a week’s worth of food choices will lead to a higher weigh-in. I was content with letting other people take the leftovers because I had what I wanted at dinner. The night of Thanksgiving always concludes with a sibling trip to the movie theater. This year we saw Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Even though we are all terribly full from Thanksgiving dinner, we always manage to eat popcorn at the movies.

3. Black Friday Shopping
Julia and I went shopping on Black Friday. I purchased a set of bath bombs for my Secret Santa girl. Bath bombs are typically pretty expensive, but the package I picked up was only $10.00 and has nine amazing scented bath bombs. Honestly, I want to go back and get a pack of them for myself! Bath & Bodyworks, Wal-Mart, Victoria’s Secret, Target, and HomeGoods were our stores of choice. None of the stores we shopped at had an overwhelming amount of customers. In fact, the crowds were of typical size for any shopping day. I think we may have missed the crazy hoards of shoppers because stores opened in the late afternoon on Thanksgiving, and we weren’t out until late at night. I’m not a fan of crowds, so that worked out in our favor.

4. Family Christmas Party
The first family Christmas party of 2018 was Saturday and it was a lot of fun as always. Roughly 60 relatives attend the Boer Family Christmas Party each year. There’s a ton of food, kids’ games of duck duck goose and musical chairs, the Saran Wrap ball game, white elephant gift exchange for the adults, and all of the kids sing Christmas carols as they wait for Santa to show up to the party with gifts and candy for them. It’s not common to have such a huge family party at the holidays, and I know I’m lucky. I get to see family that I don’t get to see often during the year and everyone has a lot of fun. I look forward to the big Christmas party all year, and when it finally arrives I’m so excited.

5. Sunset Hill Farm Lights Festival
After the family Christmas party, Mackenzie, Addison, and I went to Sunset Hill Farm to look at their outdoor lights display. Addison had never been before so it was fun to take her through the farm for her first time at their holiday lights show. Christmas lights are one of my favorite parts about the holiday season, so it always officially feels like Christmastime when the decorations and light displays get set up. Only one month until the big day!

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