Christmas Decor Tiny Home Tour

I have been ready for the holidays since November first, but today is the start of December which means it’s the first official day of Blogmas! A Christmas countdown of sorts, Blogmas lasts for 25 days and bloggers create posts about everything from favorite holiday movies to gingerbread houses and family traditions, as long as the overall theme of the post is dedicated to Christmas.

I don’t know if I’ll have 25 days worth of content to provide about Christmas, but decorating is one of my favorite parts about Christmastime, and my lights have been hung since the day after Halloween. Therefore, I wanted to give you a tiny home tour of my Christmas decor. Here we go.

Staff members at my local Target store had a Christmas aisle dedicated to wreaths before October was over. Naturally, the wreath was my first decoration purchase of the season. I also bought a box of white mini-lights and strung them throughout the wreath. I love Target’s mini-lights because they are battery powered and my front door is free from cords and plug-in worries. All I need to do is flip the switch on the battery pack when I want a luminous wreath on those cold, snowy nights.

My living room is my favorite area of my apartment because it feels so cozy and I’m obsessed with my couch. It was easy to find colors to go well with charcoal gray because it’s a versatile color and can be matched well with practically everything. I don’t care much for the color red, but I wanted some touches of it because it’s a classic Christmas color and it doesn’t feel like the holidays without it. The Home for the Holidays pillow is from Target and gave the couch some holiday magic; and the little wooden sleigh, also from Target, holds my electronic’s remotes.

The leg lamp from A Christmas Story and the Santa Claus nesting dolls are two of my favorite decorations. I also have a candle and a magnetic snowman/evergreen tree tic-tac-toe set from my late Grandmother. I placed those two items next to the two framed photos I have of her. Those are the two most meaningful Christmas decorations that I have.

I wanted a nutcracker because they are a classic symbol of Christmas and when I came across this Santa Claus nutcracker with countdown blocks, I knew it was perfect for my apartment. Everything from his fluffy white beard to his rose gold glasses are so adorable.

As for my tree, I didn’t think I’d have the space for a large Christmas tree, so I kept my gold mini-tree from last year. I never saw myself as someone with a gold tree because I’ve always been really old fashioned when it comes to Christmas trees and believed green trees to be best, but I’m extremely fond of this little gold tree. I don’t have all of my ornaments on it yet, but some of my favorites like my Alpha Sigma Alpha ornament and my fragile Chicago scene ornament from Christkindlmarket (pictured) are on there.

I wanted a bit of holiday cheer in my room so I hung the best time of the year sign above my bed. I picked it up last year from, you guessed it, Target.

I had not planned to put any decorations in the kitchen because it’s tiny and you can only fit so much in there. When I saw this banner it made me think of the Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation film, and that’s one of my favorite holiday movies so I knew I wanted it and the kitchen was the perfect place for it. After all, it was the only part of the house without a touch of seasonal magic.

Last but not least my TV stand, also in the living room, has quite a few little decorations on it. The snowman is actually from my family Christmas party’s Secret Santa gift swap. I randomly acquired it last year and it fits well with the Christmas vibe I have going.

The manger is one of my favorite items I have purchased this year. Surprise, surprise, it’s from Target. I don’t attend church regularly, but I’m very spiritual and a strong believer that faith is not in a floor plan; therefore, it was important to me to have a religious symbol in my apartment for Christmas.

Thanks for following along on the tour! I promise this wasn’t an ad for Target. Although, it probably could have been!

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