The Chicago Tribune’s Holiday Decor Tour at Prudential Plaza

After a few months of getting settled, this is the first glimpse I’m giving into the Chicago Tribune’s new home — welcome! Some of you know the Chicago Tribune moved out of its beloved Tribune Tower throughout 2018. Our new home, Prudential Plaza, comes with a thoughtful building concierge that has spent countless hours putting on festive events for tenants and hanging holiday decorations around the building. They are an amazing crew and do a fabulous job at making the building feel more like a home away from home.

If you’ve been following along with my December blogs, it’s pretty obvious that the weeks leading up to Christmas are my favorite time of year. I’ve shown you how I decorate my apartment for the holidays, and now I’m going to show you some of my favorite seasonal decorations at the place where I spend a lot of my time — my office building. Here we go!

The main lobby is home to several Christmas trees, including the tallest tree in the building. Holiday tunes play through the overhead sound system and strands of lights dangle from the ceiling. A video board repeatedly projects images of snowy scenes, frosted mountaintops, and vast evergreen forests. In early December, the video board showed a menorah with a new candle being lit during the eight day celebration of Hanukkah. The board also wished guests a Happy Hanukkah as they passed through the lobby.

A family of reindeer sit outside of my gym in a snowy display on one of the upper floors. Poinsettias brighten up several spots around the office, so there are no areas left untouched by holiday magic. In the past, offices have been portrayed as stuffy settings, but Prudential Plaza is extremely modern, well lit, and beautifully decorated all through the year. Crain’s Chicago Business voted the Chicago Tribune as one of Chicago’s coolest offices for 2018. For anyone taking a look around the new space, it’s easy to see why!

There are several lobbies throughout the building and anywhere with a sitting area is festooned with flower arrangements and garland displays. Guests are welcomed with a waterfall of shimmering ornaments at every entrance. The outside decorations don’t miss a beat as every tree from the front of the building to the back garden entrance are draped with strands of shining bulbs.

Last but certainly not least, a trail of garland leads back to a hall of Christmas trees. Each tree was sponsored by various organizations around Chicago and uniquely decorated by their staff. All of the proceeds from the tree fundraiser will be donated to the Chicago Youth Program — Chicago’s largest independent youth services organization.

The holiday buddies program is an additional event that Prudential Plaza has put on this holiday season. Starting in November, building tenants were able to select an envelope out of “Santa’s mailbox” at the front desk, and inside of the envelope was the Christmas wish of a child in the Chicago Youth Organization. Tenants purchased the gift, brought it back wrapped, and placed it in the sleigh in the main lobby. There’s now a sleigh full of gifts for the Chicago Youth Program children that will be delivered on Thursday!

That is the end of my holiday decorations office building tour! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the beauty of the holidays and feelings of service could be conjured up all throughout the year? There are a lot of decorations throughout the office because tenants decorate their desks and each floor has even more festive sites, but the ones pictured here are my favorites. I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the Chicago Tribune’s new home and the decorations gave you a boost in holiday spirit! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody!

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