Chicago’s Cat Arcade and Lounge

If you’re a fan of cats, arcade games or free WiFi, it is absolutely necessary for you to visit The Catcade in Chicago. Located in the Lakeview neighborhood, The Catcade is a non-profit, arcade-themed cat rescue and lounge.

They have taken in cats from Chicago, Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, and the US Virgin Islands. Southeast Kentucky has some of the highest kill rates for cats, so The Catcade primarily pulls cats from that area. Their mission is to rescue cats from life-threatening situations, such as high-kill shelters, and to find friendly, quality homes for them through their adoption program.

Instead of being in cages, the cats are free to roam the establishment and visitors are able to interact with the cats in an open atmosphere. The entire lounge simulates a home environment, including couches, chairs, and an abundance of soft pillows.

On a frigid Sunday afternoon, Julia and I went to The Catcade because we wanted to pet some cats! Although walk-ins are welcome at anytime pending availability, I highly recommend making a reservation beforehand. A lot of Chicagoans enjoy petting cats and we were lucky there were a few spots open for the hour after we arrived. Making a reservation is the only way to guarantee time in the cat lounge.

It is $15.00 to get into The Catcade and all sessions are booked as a one hour visit. Fifteen dollars to pet cats may seem like a lot, but as I previously mentioned, The Catcade is a non-profit charity. All of the money they make goes to keeping the lights on, having hot water, and making sure the cats are healthy. This means they cover all of the supplies and medical bills that come with taking care of cats.

A beverage comes with the $15.00 entry donation. Julia chose water, I picked La Croix, and we were able to enter the cat lounge shortly after getting our drinks.

There were SO. MANY. CATS! Some of them were sleeping, others playing, and a few were investigating the new visitors to the room.

The Catcade shows movies, too. During our time in the room, we were able to catch the end of Lilo and Stitch, and the beginning of Sixteen Candles. So, they obviously show an array of films. There are also several free-play arcade games (including my favorite, Ms. Pac-Man) as well as Nintendo64 and Mario Kart.

Visitors are also able to bring their laptops to use the free WiFi or sign up for cat yoga sessions.

All of the cats are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and ready for same-day adoption. If you are unable to adopt, that’s okay. By visiting The Catcade, you are supporting their mission of saving cats.

Time flies when you’re having fun and our hour of arcade games, Sixteen Candles, and playing with cats was over. The animals were adorable and the atmosphere was a lot of fun. Again, I highly recommend checking out The Catcade. Click here to get more information or to make a reservation.

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