Outdoor Movie Night at Wrigley Field: The Breakfast Club

Gallagher Way, the green space adjacent to Wrigley Field, held one of their free outdoor summer movies on Wednesday evening. My sister, Mackenzie had never been before, so when we realized The Breakfast Club would be playing, we decided to make a night of it.

The park gates opened at 6PM and we parked in the Wrigley Field Camry Lot on Grace Street. Parking in the Camry Lot is limited and depending on the day may cost $10.00, but we were lucky to park for free last night.

We passed by Jeni’s Ice Cream on the way to the park; so naturally, we stopped inside. Jeni’s Ice Cream is my favorite in Wrigleyville. Their flavor selection is unique and diverse with their menu including everything from Brandied Banana Brûlée and Goat Cheese with Red Cherries to classic flavors like Milkiest Chocolate. I chose a scoop of Darkest Chocolate and Frosé Sorbet (made with wine from California). Mackenzie went with Darkest Chocolate because “it tasted like brownies.”

Honestly though, if you are near a Jeni’s Ice Cream, stop by for the Frosé Sorbet! It was the perfect fruity flavor for a summer palate. Plus, it’s made with wine.

We walked next door to the park and chose a spot on the grass. There were food trucks and concession stands selling candy, Garrett’s Popcorn, mixed drinks, pop, and water. Even the attending pets had options as Fido to Go’s dog and cat treat food truck parked next to Wrigley Field for the movie night.

All of the restaurants surrounding Wrigley Field participate in movie night. Movie goers can walk to their favorite spot and pick up food to-go and bring it back into the park to eat during the film. Big Star has a taco walk-up window, West Town Bakery sells special cookies for each event, and McDonald’s is across the street for anyone craving nuggets.

Later on we grabbed dinner from Smoke Daddy BBQ’s food truck — a pulled chicken sandwich with slaw on top and chips with beer cheese on the side.

The movie started at 7:30PM as the sun was setting with a cotton candy sky. Because it was a classic 80s film, the atmosphere wasn’t rowdy and stayed chill throughout the evening (children’s movie nights are a bit more rambunctious).

As I have said before, outdoor movie evenings at Gallagher Way are one of my favorite summer activities in Chicago. What’s not to love about kicking back on the lawn, eating delicious food with great company, and having a good old fashioned movie night with a Wrigleyville twist? Click here for the full list of movies showing at Gallagher Way this summer.

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