Goals for 2020

Two weeks ago I rang in the New Year with my friends in North Carolina. When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, it always feels like a major shift — as if the tattered pages of the previous year’s story are finally being closed, and a perfectly clean slate has just been gifted. It’s all a state of mind, but that’s how it feels to me.

2020 seems particularly monumental in the world of beginnings, because it’s also the start of a new decade. The beginning of a new 10-year period feels like the chance to lay the foundation to a brand new list of long term goals. Again, all of these expectations are made up, but societal pressure makes them feel so real. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with having a plan in one hand, as long as flexibility is in the other. Here are the goals I am working on throughout the next 365 days!

1. Lose Weight

I hit my highest weight ever in 2019, and being overweight wasn’t simply a vanity issue anymore; but it was also starting to affect my quality of life. By partaking in cardio several times each week, and making healthy food choices, I’m dedicating everyday of 2020 to getting as close to my goal weight (179 pounds) as possible.

2. Save Money

This year’s monetary investment goal is an additional $20,000 into my savings.

3. Pay Off Debt

I created a debt-reduction strategy and intend to pay off all of my debt (with the exception of part of my student loans) by utilizing the debt-snowball method. The debt-snowball plan requires me to pay off my accounts by starting with the smallest balance first, while paying the minimum payment on larger debts. Once the smallest balance is paid off, I work on the next-smallest amount owed; eventually paying off all of my debt.

4. Live Purposefully

I spent much of last year going through the motions on auto-pilot. I worked at a job I didn’t enjoy; I wasn’t thoughtful about the food I ate; and all of my decisions were purely based on operating on survival mode. This year I want to live with a purpose. This includes putting passion into my work; investing time into a hobby; giving my time to service projects; fostering relationships that are meaningful; and eating to benefit my health.

5. Write More

I am going to write at least two posts per month on this blog. I’m also going to create more freelance pieces for various outlets.

6. Use Less Plastic

I tend to use A LOT of single-use plastic. This year, I’m working hard to utilize resources besides plastic — metal straws instead of plastic; lunch containers rather than Ziplock bags; eating foods that do not come in single-use packaging, etc. However I go about achieving it, the ultimate goal is to use less plastic.

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