Hey guys! My name is Ambrosia, but you can call me Brosh. I’m a 30-something Chicagoan navigating life’s misadventures in between watching episodes of Friends for the hundredth time.

I have been blogging since April 2015 when I joined the Peace Corps and moved to Georgia in Eastern Europe to teach English. I made a solo move to China in October 2015 to continue teaching English as a foreign language. Teaching is one of my greatest passions; but in August 2016, I accepted a digital design position for a publishing company in Chicago and made the move to the Windy City. Sitting behind a desk just wasn’t for me. After giving the 9-to-5 lifestyle a chance for three years, I transitioned back into teaching abroad! Now I can be found on the Korean Peninsula instructing English lessons to the most vibrant students found in this side of Asia!

Some of my other focuses are: writing, photography, traveling, being The Fun Aunt, and working to succeed on the Weight Watchers program. Also, I can quote the entire movie Hocus Pocus from start to finish, and I love a good BINGO night.

Instagram: @blogbybrosh
YouTube: @vlogbybrosh