Welcome to my little space on the internet! My name is Ambrosia, but you can call me Brosh. It’s a nickname that was given to me by a sorority sister back in my college days that has continued to stick around even eight years later.

I started blogging in April 2015 when I traveled with the Peace Corps to the country of Georgia as an English teacher. I kept blogging when I made a solo move to China to continue teaching English as a foreign language. I blogged about my life as a Chicagoan when I moved to the Windy City in August 2016; and when I started a journey to solve the puzzle that is weight loss – I blogged about that, too.

Initially, I had planned to turn this into a web page about my weight loss journey. At my highest weight, I was 331 pounds. I was 221 pounds by 12 years old, and 275 pounds by the age of 15. After joining Weight Watchers in February 2016, I’ve lost over 100 pounds so far. I initially felt as if I had so much to say about topics regarding weight because the majority of my days have been spent being overweight. My life, however, goes beyond any number on the scale and my weight isn’t even the most interesting part of me. I currently work for a major publishing company, but I’m transitioning back to teaching English abroad by Fall 2019; I tend to have the most meaningful conversations with total strangers; I live a minimalist lifestyle in a tiny space; I love bar trivia; Writing, traveling and photography are my passions; and I know every line from the film Hocus Pocus.

Whether you’re here to read about weight loss, Chicago hot spots, English teaching, international travels, tiny home design, or perhaps you simply stumbled upon this blog — I’m so happy you’re here! Stay as long as you’d like!