Hey guys! My name is Ambrosia, but you can call me Brosh. I’m a 20-something Chicagoan navigating all of the experiences and misadventures of life.

I have been blogging since April 2015 when I joined the Peace Corps and moved to the country of Georgia to teach English. I made a solo move to China in October 2015 to continue teaching. Although I considered teaching my passion, in June 2016 I moved to Chicago in search of a 9-to-5 office position, or in other words “a real job”. I landed a digital design roll for the Tribune Publishing Company where I worked for nearly three years creating the layout for several newspapers around the United States.

In June 2019, I made my departure from the Tribune Publishing Company and will be relocating back to China to teach English. The office life just isn’t for me; Therefore, I’m in the midst of creating a path to turn my dream of teaching English abroad into a long term  career. I don’t have it all figured out, but I’ve seen enough episodes of FRIENDS to understand that it’s okay!


I am a member of the Weight Watchers program in constant search for the balance between being a food connoisseur and achieving success at losing weight. I have over 100 pounds to lose in order to reach my goal weight, so I’m a work in progress as I continue to strive toward a healthier version of myself.

Traveling, photography, movie marathons, service projects, bingo nights, running, and outdoor markets are some of my favorite things. Also, I can quote the entire movie Hocus Pocus from start to finish. 

Nice to meet you and feel free to stick around for my latest shenanigans!